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MIUI V6 since mid-October for Xiaomi Mi2, Mi2s and Mi2A

If there was a pantheon of Xiaomi products, a place of honor would be frankly reserved for the Xiaomi Mi2, the device that more than any other triggered the Xiaomi phenomenon (meaning a giant Xiaomi devices a real battle horse) . However, a device that still can not yet enjoy the potential offered by the last real-life MIUI 6, you do not believe a pity.



If you own Xiaomi Mi2 (Mi2, Mi2A or Mi2S) there are good news for you. Because the MIUI team has spread through our weibo account new and interesting details about the timing of the MIUI V6 upgrading for 2 ° Xiaomi-phone generation. The post, which is accompanied by some pictures, quotes the following:

The MIUI V6 beta-stage for Xiaomi Mi2 will end this month.


Assuming that Xiaomi keeps its two classic weeks between the beta stage closure and the release of the official firmware, if at the end of September the beta phase really comes to an end, in order to finally upgrade our Xiaomi Mi2 to the new firmware you will have to wait about half October.

We leave you with the images released by Xiaomi regarding MIUI V6 for the Mi2:



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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