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Poll: MIUI vs Flyme OS, what would you like on your smartphone?

Today's news is an increasingly common phenomenon among the largest Chinese companies, porting their own ROMs to the smartphone of the competition. In particular, the phenomenon is being pursued by Xiaomi and Meizu, who are increasingly focusing on the success and diffusion of their Android-based ROMs, MIUI and Flyme.

In this regard, MIUI has surely arrived before, as the development team provides official support for smartphones not produced by Xiaomi for a long time, but Meizu seems interested in doing things in great style. We've seen the Flyme ROM available on Google Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, two popular smartphone models.

Nexus 5 Flyme Os

The differences between the two systems are really many. Although there are two different concepts of the same system, namely Android, as far as rigurda graphical interface and functionality are concerned, the two systems have several differences. We still talk about two very well-done ROMs.

MIUI is an extremely customizable ROM, which offers its users care in detail and graphic finishes. The Flyme, while offering less customization, has behind a highly up-to-date developer team, which also introduces smaller Android changes, as we saw for the 4.4.4 KitKat on Meizu MX3 but worried even of the old smartphones, as we saw with KitKat on the Meizu MX2.

Today we propose this survey to answer the following question: Which system would you prefer to see on your smartphone, Xiaomi MIUI or Meizu Flyme?

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.


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