Xiaomi Mi 2 Mix vs Honor View 10: specifications compared

After presenting you, a few weeks ago in this article, the comparison between Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and the highly anticipated OnePlus 5T, this time the flagship of the Beijing house finds another hard bone in its path: Honor View 10 by Huawei, which is basically the international version of the already well-known Chinese Honor V10. So let's see who will emerge victorious from this new challenge.
Mi Mix 2 and View 10 are definitely high-end phones, but they are much cheaper than the flagships of other more famous brands, such as the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Precisely the strictly economic parameter plays a fundamental role in consumer choice, raising the value for money, an index to which more and more users are interested, to the detriment of pure performance (even if not always at a higher price correspond higher performance). Obviously, since they have considerably lower prices, some "sacrifice" must be made, renouncing some features that remain the prerogative of the most famous brands, and going down to some compromises in certain areas. In this comparison, we will highlight these aspects, in order to give a complete picture about the pros and cons of each of the devices under test.

Xiaomi Mi 2 Mix vs Honor View 10: specifications comparedXiaomi Mi 2 Mix vs Honor View 10: specifications compared

The main strength of these devices is certainly the hardware side, as both have two of the best SoC on the market and 4 / 6GB of RAM. So, both are great phones for those looking for high performance: there is power to spare!

Honor View 10 also offers a kind of artificial intelligence to perform a large number of tasks in a more "intelligent" way, such as adjusting photos according to lighting conditions. More specifically, the system “learns” from user usage habits and try to ensure the best performance based on the most used apps. Huawei / Honor reports "up to 25 times faster" but are difficult to interpret numbers. For its part, Mi Mix 2 seems a more futuristic, thanks to the higher ratio between screen and total dimensions, result of a better engineering of the frames. In reality, overall, the displays are quite similar with narrow edges, accuracy in color reproduction and high details.

The Honor View 10 has a larger battery and also a camera that we generally consider more innovative, even if it is not a top camera phone. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a good camera and battery, but they are only average.

Honor View 10 comes with Android Oreo installed, while for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will probably need to wait even more than a few months to get the latest Mountain View operating system version. In addition, the Honor View 10 has a micro SD slot to expand the memory, while Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 no.

So far it seems clear a higher score in favor of Honor, if you only take care of the technical department. There is still a detail not to be missed: the price, which can make the difference for more than anyone. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 recovers a lot from this point of view, up to be considered as the best purchase. Online, you can find Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 at around 408 euros (here i with our coupons), while Honor View 10 has just been launched with a price of 500 euro (difficult to manage to get it before January).

Before concluding, let's make a brief summary of what has been said so far.

Honor View 10

large display
High-level hardware
Android Oreo ready to use
Great battery
Artificial intelligence

Higher price of Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Best hardware
Excellent aesthetics
More affordable price
High screen-body ratio

No micro SD
Medium-level camera


And you, which one do you prefer?


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