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Mobvoi breaks into the market with its first compact treadmill

Mobvoi it is very well known when it comes to smartwatches. We have talked extensively about many very valid products like TicWatch Pro 3 or TicKasa. But among the products that the brand can include in its catalog there are not only smart watches, but also headphones and treadmills. In the first case we treated the new ones TicPods 2 Pro Plus while in the second case, we see today the new Mobvoi Home Treadmill. This is the first product of this kind of the company, which is preparing to enter the fitness sector and in general in the home sector. Mobvoi therefore presents the very first proprietary treadmill and it does it in style considering what the product is lowercase ma super efficient.

Mobvoi Home Treadmill is the powerful but compact treadmill of the homonymous brand: at a discount with our exclusive coupon

Let's start with some numbers, just to understand the dimensions of the product in question. Mobvoi Home Treadmill, as the name suggests, it is the most suitable treadmill for our home. In particular for small houses given the measures: 1235 x 685 x 1065 mm. In total 1.2m in length that would be annoying, but the interesting thing is that it can be put upright removing the handle. As a result, you can slip it behind a door and forget about it.

mobvoi home treadmill treadmill

The usefulness of the remove the handle it is not expressed only in convenience, but also in functionality. In fact, the treadmill can be used for running (with the handle) and for walking (without handle). This is because running there is a need to attack the safety lanyard and to hold on if the roller goes too fast. In this regard, the performances of this device are: 4 km / h when walking and maximum 12 km / h when running. The supported weight is up to 120 kg, therefore beautiful resistant.

A video that shows all the things we can do with the carpet intelligent. Why smart? We see it in poco.

As you have surely seen, the product also has smart features such as the dual LED screen: one is located on the handlebars, hand height, while the other is above the shell at the top of the moving walkway. While on the first it is possible to monitor the data relating to the driving speed, on the second it is possible to see the data relating to speed as well as time of distance, distance traveled e Calories burned.

Where to buy it

If you are interested in buying you can go to this direct link and enter the unique code FLFCGG. Through this you can take advantage of the 5% discount on the total. The cost is € 499,99 but with the discount you can take it home for 474,99 €.

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