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Official Moto Watch 70 and Watch 200: specifications and photos

In recent years, many smartphone manufacturers have launched various smart gadgets, including wearables such as smartwatches and smart bands. In this regard, today the well-known brand Motorola has released two new smartwatches, which come with the names of Motorcycle Watch 70 e Motorcycle Watch 200.

Official Moto Watch 70 and Watch 200: specifications and photos

Moto Watch 70 Watch 200

Let's start by specifying that the first, the Moto Watch 70, is an entry-level smartwatch which focuses on health and exercise tracking, while the latter, the Moto Watch 200 is positioned in the high-end category with more advanced features.

Going into detail, the Moto Watch 70 is somewhat similar to a smart band. That is, it uses a 43mm zinc alloy case and one 1,69 inch curved screen. According to official data, the Moto Watch 70 has a built-in heart rate monitor and temperature sensor, and has passed the standard of IP67 protection, this means that the product is resistant to water and dust. Furthermore, the smartwatch has a battery integrated with 355 mAh, which according to what was revealed by the brand can carry a autonomy of 10 days with a single charge.

Moto Watch 70 Watch 200

Turning to Motorcycle Watch 200, which as mentioned earlier is a bit more premium version. This smartwatch comes with one OLED screen from 1,78 inches housed in a 45mm aluminum case. It has more advanced built-in sensors and has a GPS module, as well as supporting more than 28 types of sports tracking and fall detection.

The Moto Watch 200 is also equipped with a microphone and speaker so that it can also be used with a mobile phone to make calls. Finally, the new wearable has a battery life of up to 14 days and supports Bluetooth 5.3.

For prices, the Moto Watch 70 will be sold in the US at a price of $69,99, while the price of the Watch 200 is still unknown. Furthermore, we do not know if or when the two products will arrive in Italy.

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