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Mysterious Xiaomi 6-core emerges online!

Only 5 days from the probable official presentation of Xiaomi 4 ° generation Mi-phone, the alleged features of a new Lei Jun company device emerge on the net. Code name L1960!

On one of the main Chinese technology portals, the alleged technical specifications of a mysterious terminal signed by Xiaomi, equipped by 6-core processor. The business reference model would be 2014502, whose code name at the moment would appear to be L1960.

Xiaomi 6-core


If the device is a mystery, judging by the characteristics, the chipset adopted would also be no less: 6-core processor at a frequency of 2.0 Ghz on Cortex A7 architecture and made with a 28nm production process, Mali T768MP2 GPU, LTE connectivity module and management for display with maximum resolution Full-HD and camera up to 20 mega-pixels.

As for the rest of the hardware, the new Xiaomi L1960 would be configured like this: display by 5.5 HD inches 1280 x 720 pixels e 1GB RAM. The terminal in question could be an updated version of the Redmi Notes, an internal business model or, why not, that notorious XMUMX-core Redmi we had already talked to in this post.

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