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Netflix account sharing 2023: what has changed since March

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Are you looking for a guide that will give you all the information related to Netflix account sharing 2023? Very well, you have found it! In this tutorial we will give you all the information on the changes imposed by the top management of the American platform.

Netflix has in fact decided to say enough to account sharing. Or at least to a practice linked to the "sharing" of accounts, which for the platform team could no longer be supported.

In the following lines we give you all the relevant information, so – once you have finished reading the article – you will have a complete and exhaustive overview of the subject. Come on, let's go!

Netflix account sharing 2023: there's news

Earlier this year, Netflix announced its crackdown on account sharing. The Los Gatos company has defined new policies to further limit the ability to access the streaming service from different places and from different devices. Netflix has defined a “household" such as "a group of people who live in the same location as the account holder“, such as families or roommates. The main position of the account is established via the Wi-Fi network on which the first access is made.

Netflix tracks IP address and ID of devices to identify devices that are part of the household and access the account from the primary location at least once every 31 days. If an account is used from a device outside the household, or if the account is continuously used from a location outside the primary location, Netflix will send a verification link to email address or phone number associated with the primary account holder. This verification will be requested periodically every 7 days.

The number of devices that can watch Netflix at the same time will depend on the subscription plan, but only if they belong to people in the household. So any shared account will still need to log into the primary location network at least once every 31 days.

The new policies and checks are expected to go into effect in Italy starting from March 2023.


Edoardo D'Amato

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