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New concept of the Xiaomi Mi4. Would you like that?

The Xiaomi Mi3 is still one of the most requested and sold smartphones on the market which has helped to consecrate the fame of the Chinese Xiaomi. This is certainly one of the reasons why many fans have started fantasizing about the design of the next Xiaomi Mi4, as is the case with the Aitor design that created this concept.
Beyond rendering, Aitor also imagined the specifications of the future Xiaomi Gamma Top and according to the designer the smartphone could have Snapdragon 810 processor at 1.7 Ghz, diagonal 5.5 S-IPS diagonal display and 1440p resolution, 4GB RAM, memory optional internal from 32GB or 128 GB. , 13 megapixel rear camera and 8 megapixel front, 3200 mAh and USB 3.1 battery type C.

Xiaomi Mi4

In addition, this Xiaomi Mi4 concept runs Android 5.0, features an aluminum body with 4 speakers and weighs only 110 g. As many of us hope, on the smartphone imagined by Aitor the display occupies the 80% of the front.

Xiaomi Mi4

Would you like a Xiaomi Mi4 with this design?



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