New Gearbest site layout how to insert coupons and GB points

From today the new layout of the well-known website is online GEARBEST.

I write this little tutorial for the difficulties already reported in reaching the window where to enter the coupons and GB points.

Unlike the previous version of the site, now to enter the coupon we will first have to access the order confirmation page. So proceed in this way:

After entering your cart you will find on this screen, click on "Proceed to Check out" on the bottom right.

At this point you will find yourself in the order confirmation screen and on the left you will find the window where you can enter the "use coupon" Coupon.

Vice versa if you would like to use your GB points to lower the price, of course in this case you can not use coupons, you have to click on the curtain of the same window and select "use GB points"

Finally you can finally click on "place your order".


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2 years ago

in addition to the changed layout, I saw a net increase in shipping costs, and the cancellation of the free Italian express

2 years ago
Reply to  Alex

On smartphones it continues to be free. Only for some products it has a small cost, as it has always been even before.comment image

2 years ago
Reply to  Simone

I assure you that they have increased .. until before the change, I was following the Mitu Drone and putting 2 in the cart I was free shipping, now putting 2 doubles the shipment ..
also there is a difference in price between the gearbest app and the gearbest website (international I mean) of 2-3 euros on many things ..

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