New patent reveals a Xiaomi smartphone with removable double display

There are so many patents that are told to us that we no longer believe even what is real behind these stories. And so today here is the technology blog LetsGoDigital  offers us yet another Xiaomi brand patent, but this time really interesting and not so far from reality, considering that similar solutions already exist on the market.

The patent in fact shows us a smartphone of the Xiaomi brand equipped with a double screen that can be removed if necessary, through a mechanism that looks a lot like a sort of case. A risky solution and so far never seen even by manufacturers such as LG who have already marketed similar solutions with considerable success. The patent dates back to March this year but it is only today, August 4, 2020, that it was made public by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office, through a document containing 22 illustrations and a brief description relating to the main body, removable parts. display and housing.

What seems clear is the type of mechanism to which the second display can be exploited or not, or through magnetic pogo pin attacks, a sort of Lenovo / Motorola style module. Among the key features we find the possibility of using the module separately, as we find integrated a dual camera with LED flash. Everything seems to be powered by the smartphone, once connected to it, but also by means of wireless charging.

New patent reveals a Xiaomi smartphone with removable double display

The module will also offer stereo sound through two speakers as well as the ability to connect the combo to an external monitor through a USB Type-C 3.0 port. It is not clear why Xiaomi has presented a decidedly strange patent, and honestly we have not even understood so much what the real use of this double display is, considering that the images are not exhaustive, but one thing is certain: Xiaomi is constantly search for innovation, a quality that has been missing for too long, or since the launch of the first generation Mi Mix.




Probably as for the rest of the patents we have told you about, Xiaomi will not realize it now or ever, but it would be curious to discover its true essence. It would definitely be something original and innovative, making the smartphone versatile in everyday use and for this reason we are sure that we will return to this patent about it.


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