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New Xiaomi with MediaTek Chips? XMUMX notes coming soon?

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From the last rumors of the corridor it seems that Xiaomi has a new smartphone in the pipeline equipped with an equally new processor made by MediaTek. Do you want to see that ...

Redmi Notes 4? No but…

Before the alarms are triggered I tell you immediately that the title of this article is deliberately ironic: I thought that just four months after the presentation of the his predecessor, a little satire on the release of the Xiaomi Note 3 Redmire it was fine! Do not you find? : p

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

Xiaomi Redmi Notes 3 recently released

Joking aside ... Although, as mentioned, the title is deliberately provocative, I must admit that ultimately it is not really groundless. Indeed, some interesting news concerning a new smartphone have been leaked Xiaomi equipped with an equally new processor MediaTek.

Actually, more than news, these are still unconfirmed rumors, but that I thought were worthy of note. According to what was leaked on the Asian portal it seems that MediaTek have worked on an enhanced version of its excellent processor Helio X10. The new chip in question, called MT6795X, for friends" Helio X12, is a SoC with a processor with 8 core cortex A53 operating at the maximum frequency of 2.25 GHz and GPU with clock a 750 MHz. THE'Helio X12 supports the installation of RAM memory dual channel LPDDR3, flash memory eMMC 5.1 and standards USB 3.1. In addition, support for photographic sensors up to 21 megapixel and to navigation LTE Cat.6. Furthermore, according to what was stated, MediaTek Helio X12 should be the direct competitor ofExynos 7422 di Samsung and the Snapdragon 620 di Qualcomm.

MediaTek Xiaomi

So far the news has nothing striking, if it were not that with it leaked an indiscretion according to which Xiaomi has already made arrangements with the Taiwanese chipmaker to install this new one Helio X12 on his next smartphone. The device in question, always according to the rumor, should debut in the early months of 2016 and its strength, as the Xiaomi redmi Notes 3 moreover, it should be its launch price.

If these rumors were confirmed, I do not say that we would see one Redmi Note 4but a nice one redmi 3 it would be just fine. I remind you that the "small" of the house Xiaomi in fact, he made his debut in the first days of January 2015 and that therefore the release of a third generation of this device could be anything but distant.

Guys what do you think? Mica did I take a shot with that title? : p


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Simone Rodriguez

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