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NEWS: Xiaomi, next stop Malaysia

Xiaomi he is building step by step his way inside the Asian continent. And as for Genghis Khan, king of the Mongols, the western world is worried about the possible advance in the free markets of the West. Apparently the Xiaomi army seems willing to conquer only the East (at least for now ...).

Obviously Xiaomi is not the Mongol army and the Khan dynasty stopped before the territories of today's Malaysia, so the comparison runs thin. However, the Beijing-based company has the same goal, to conquer the world (mobile), one country at a time.

During Forum China 2.0 to the Beijing University, Hugo Barra presented to the audience some of the future points of the company expansion process, indicating Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India as next objectives before land definitely also in Latin America, starting from Brazil and Mexico.

Da Tech in Asia we also learned that Barra would confirm the desire to consolidate itself in Southeast Asia markets to venture into India.

Of the validity of Barra's statements we can not doubt, the company that directs in the first 3 months of 2014 has already sold more than 11 millions of devices.

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Simone Rodriguez
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