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NexTool 6-in-1 Emergency Device in crowdfunding: the emergency gadget with crank recharge

In recent times, natural disasters have increased significantly, with power and network outages undoubtedly increasing the anxiety of the situation.

NexTool 6-in-1 Emergency Device in crowdfunding: the emergency gadget with crank recharge

In these cases, a rechargeable hand crank flashlight with radio function may always come in handy, which can not only maintain access to information in extreme environments, but also provide a light source in a dark environment, as well as send out a distress signal.

In this regard, the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform has launched the new NexTool 6-in-1 Emergency Device, which integrates six emergency functions: radio, flashlight, hand-cranked power generation, help alarm, power bank charging and laser light. The crowdfunding price is only 199 yuan, about 26 euros at the exchange rate.

The NexTool 6-in-1 Emergency Device 6 in 1 can provide three types of light sources: 8 lumens low light, 200 lumens high light and strobe signal lights. Thanks to the PMMA lens, it can ensure basic lighting in the dark night and better lighting effect.

While its special laser can be used to alert search and rescue personnel and determine the location through the laser beam produced.

In addition, it also has an audible alarm function. By keeping the central button pressed for 5 seconds it is possible to activate the “distress alarm” mode, which emits an acoustic alarm signal of not less than 80 decibels combined with a simulated call for help from the human voice. So if it is difficult to make a sound when trapped and injured, the product may attract rescuers who will quickly locate the source of the sound and provide timely help.

In terms of battery capacity, the NexTool 6-in-1 Emergency Device has a built-in 4500mAh lithium battery that can work continuously for 60 hours in radio mode, 16 hours in flashlight mode, 100 hours in low flashlight mode and 10 hours in audible alarm mode.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it supports two charging modes, hand-cranked charging and USB Type-C. So even in extreme environments, users can quickly rotate the handle to power the battery and activate the low-light flashlight mode while listening to the radio.

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