No more viruses with this UV smartphone sterilizer on Youpin

Perhaps the title will sound strange to some and that's why we say it immediately: it is not a device that removes viruses from INSIDE the smartphone, but outside. Yup, Xiaomi (or better Youpin) knows one more than the devil and once again amazes with a brand new and completely new device. In reality the producer brand is called EUE and, as in many other cases, it is a minor company that relies on Xiaomi for the sale of its products. Today let's talk about one UV sterilizer for smartphones which came out this morning on Youpin. It is not necessary to say that to the word "virus“Unfortunately, in this period, everyone gets their hair raised and stands at attention.

The new product on Youpin is a UV sterilizer for smartphones, but how does it work?

First of all, let's start with design: it is a sort of smartphone case, but not like the ones we know and use normally. It is much more like one case for glasses. The shape of the smart device is that of the smartphone, therefore rectangular, and can be closed by means of a comfortable zip.

youpin smartphone sterilizer

As for the measurements, as mentioned, they are similar to those of a smartphone to be precise 172 x 97 x 27 mm. Those who use their smartphone very often and willingly find themselves in the midst of people, perhaps in public places like metro stations or the like, you may need this smartphone sterilizer Youpin which allows you to disinfect thoroughly (don't worry, liquids are not used, only UV rays). According to statistics about the 70% of young people use a smartphone for more than 6 hours a day: this smart device (not only from the tech point of view) allows you to do not let viruses attack your mobile phone which are present in the air and which we can inevitably carry with us. There are those who use disinfectant wipes, but unfortunately the germicidal effect is not comparable to that of ultraviolet rays.

youpin smartphone sterilizer

Forgive us who knows more than us, but from what is stated on the Youpin website, this UV smartphone sterilizer allows to destroy the DNA molecular structure of harmful cells, causing damage to their growth and reproduction. Most known basic viruses can be eliminated: intestinal bacilli, salmonella, staphylococcus, rhinovirus etc. The material in TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) blocks the ultraviolet rays inside the sterilizer so as not to damage the skin of the user. Most of the mobile devices on the market fit smoothly into the carton.

youpin smartphone sterilizer

Before and after disinfection

Il charging time of this smartphone sterilizer (and not only) is of around 3 hours and its autonomy manages to disinfect a total of 70 times the radiating power,. All this is possible thanks to one 560 mAh battery rechargeable via USB: the USB port can be closed by the zip when closing, so that dust and dirt does not get inside. The interesting thing about this product is that it cannot be used only for smartphones: we can get in if necessary headphones, glasses, earrings, smartwatch, smartband and anything technological that comes to mind. The time required for disinfection by the 99.9% of viruses most common is less than a minute.

The mechanism is simple: you open the case, put in whatever you want, close it and press the start button located at the top. After a minute or so the light on the device will go off and at that point we can safely reuse what we have disinfected.

The sterilizer for smart devices can be booked on Youpin starting next March 10 at a really ridiculous price: 199 yuan, at the current exchange rate € 26, the same price as a 20.000 mAh power bank. Hopefully Indiegogo will bring it to us soon!


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