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Nokia X with MIUI V5, here are the pictures!

Among the third-party Roma currently available on the web, the MIUI it is certainly one of the most famous and implemented. The MIUI V5 is one of the firmware that boasts the largest number of ports on devices of other brands. A real success generated mainly by the excellent optimization of the ROM. While waiting for the upgrade to the V6 version, set for next August 16th, the MIUI V5 seems to have also arrived on the Nokia, obviously those with the Android operating system!

No later than two days ago, the user weibo @小秋 安 has published on its profile the very first exclusive images of the Nokia-phone Android Nokia XL with, guess what, MIUI V5 operating system! Although still in Beta phase, the phone with this new rom would already run great.

Nokia X MIUI V5

The only concern concerns the rom itself: the Nokia XL comes with 512MB of RAM. By making a quick calculation, it is immediately evident how it is necessary to reshape the overall weight of the firmware in order not to completely occupy the RAM memory.



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