New ecological vehicles by Xiaomi: Segway motocross bikes and Fiido fat bikes

The interest in electric and therefore ecological vehicles increases exponentially every day, but if until a few years ago it seemed to be dealing with adult toys, the proposals of the current market are increasingly in line with the petrol matches. An example is the new motocross bike, shown at CES 2020 by Segway, the Dirt eBike model that can be pre-ordered on the website Indiegogo with first shipments scheduled for March 2020.

We are facing an electric motorcycle with off-road performance, built with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame while maintaining extreme lightness: only 44 kg for the X160 variant and 55 kg for the X260 model. As you can guess from the images along the article, the Segway motorcycle allows you to tread the most impervious terrains, also offering an IP67 waterproof level that becomes IP65 for the battery, which was designed in collaboration with the Tesla supplier.

But let's get to the most interesting data, that is the speed that this Dirt eBike manages to reach: over 100 Km / h with an autonomy that is around 120 km, reaching acceleration performance from 0 to 50 Km / h in just 4,02 seconds. Of course, the smart character of this Segway Dirt eBike is inevitable, which can be combined with the Segway-Ninebot app to allow riders to keep track of driving statistics and the route traveled. As anticipated, there are 2 variants of this electric cross bike and in the image below you will find the main differences. Prices are around $ 2999 for the X160 variant and $ 4499 for the X260 model.


New ecological vehicles by Xiaomi: Segway motocross bikes and Fiido fat bikes

Definitely less aggressive but equally powerful is the new ebike launched by FIIDO, Xiaomi's partner in the diffusion of low-cost electric bikes. Today the brand offers us the M1 model, which boasts a decidedly intriguing design, positioning itself in the Fat Bike category, thanks to the presence of 20-inch tires, 7-speed Shimano gearbox and aluminum alloy frame.


The new FIIDO M1 retains the characteristic features of the previous versions launched on the market by the Chinese company, such as the possibility of folding the frame in two using a special hinge (folded, the bike takes on particularly compact dimensions of 96 x 45 x 79 cm) but adds some elements that give a rugged look to this bike. For example, the presence of both rear and front shock absorbers, but also a battery with increased capacity and autonomy, passing to a capacity of 12500 mAh and a 250W brushless motor.

Among the functions offered by the FIIDO Fat Bike we find three different modes, including pedal assist, classic pedaling and full electric. In addition, thanks to the monitor on the handlebar, you can keep track of the remaining battery and kilometers traveled. Its price at the moment is around 870 euros, so not really affordable for all budgets. Better to go for a run or a nice walk at no cost? In any case, it is always better to abandon polluting petrol vehicles in favor of the environment.

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