New 4A Mi Router: added compatibility up to 1 Gigabit / s!

Xiaomi has always been committed to developing products that can complete its domestic ecosystem. These certainly include routers that allow a certain connection stability between all interconnected home devices. The I Router 4A 1Gb / s Xiaomi aims to further improve some features of the previous edition, without distorting the aesthetics of the series.

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Many of you will be thinking that an 4A Mi Router already existed. And in fact you are right!

I router 4a 1Gb / s xiaomi

With the post published today on Weibo, the Xiaomi profile dedicated to the house plays with words and asks users to "spread"And"share". The new 4A router the company also sets itself the same goal: to spread and share. In fact, the variant compatible with networks was created up to 1 Gb / s and able to share a connection Wi-Fi Dual Band with well- 64 devices (test performed with 64 Xiaomi home automation devices).

It is not a real revolution compared to the product we already knew, but the evolution was necessary considering the development that the optical fiber is reaching.

I router 4a 1Gb / s xiaomi

Not everything is ready, but ...

As admitted by the same company, the new one Mi Router does not yet have full support for the 6 version of the internet protocol (IPv6) but, according to what officially reported, we will have to wait until September 2019 for this functionality to be released through an update.

The only - interesting and hidden - new feature implemented on the 1 Gb / s variant of the Xiaomi router is thealgorithm which allows you to highlight a weak signal on the 5 GHz band and automatically correct any interference. The goal of this new system is obviously to make more efficient data exchange and to improve the coverage.

I router 4a 1Gb / s xiaomi
I router 4a 1Gb / s xiaomi

In short, this is new Xiaomi Mi Router 4A 1Gb / s it is only a small novelty but it will certainly be well appreciated if we consider that the price difference from the standard version is only 7 euro !! It goes from 15 euros to 22 €!

We do not know if you have tried a Xiaomi network device (router, but also signal repeaters) but we can assure you that the quality of these products is absolute.



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