New 3C certified smartphone with 27W recharge: POCOPHONE F2 or Redmi K30?

If on one hand the devaluation of the devices is a flaw deriving from the speed with which Xiaomi it lets out its own devices, on the other we never get bored. It is true that the second option is absolutely not worth the other, but on the other hand progress cannot stop ... even if it could go a little slower. One of today's news, a day full of this sense, is the presence of a new device in the CCC database (China Compulsory Certificate), or the mandatory Chinese certificate for all digital devices, belonging to our beloved brand. According to the latest news, two hypotheses are the most confirmed: POCOPHONE F2 o Redmi K30? Whatever, it's interesting fast charging a 27W a bank.

New 3C certified smartphone with 27W recharge: POCOPHONE F2 or Redmi K30?

In the image below we see the certification in question:

certification 3c poco f2 redmi k30

The "cracked" smartphone shows up with the codename M1912G7BE / BC and as it should be, we cannot know anything other than him charging technology who will adopt. In the sixth box from the left, under the heading “Model Specification” we show how it corresponds to Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0

from the power di 27W. If the brand's job will be to bring a device entirely driven by this company, it is unlikely that it is Redmi K30 by virtue of the fact that the latest speculations give it with a processor MediaTek; it is not excluded however that Xiaomi moves differently from what we think and that it integrates the Quick Charge. By the way it seems that this new redmi will also adopt a display with refresh rate at 90Hz, feature that makes all the gamblers mouth-watering.

What we see more likely instead it is that this certification refers to the POCOPHONE F2, also subject to leaks in recent weeks: in particular we know that the famous Spigen cover brand has decided to include a cover for this device in its online catalog, although it is not yet ready. In any case the release of a new Xiaomi smartphone is coming.


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