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I never thought I would have to talk to you about a product like this, but today's technology used in the most common objects is worth talking about and I am also quite enthusiastic about doing so because the ability to transform a traditional product into a smart device is not from everyone. Today we are talking about a mini electric compressor or smart pump, supplied by the OASSER brand, a company that has already been operating in the automotive world for several years. I won't go further and I'll tell you everything in this review.


First of all, why is a product like the OASSER portable mini compressor important, considering that its use is to inflate tyres, balls etc.? Well, if we're talking about cars or means of transport in general, having tire pressure at the right level allows you, for example, to have greater grip and stability on the road, in fact if the tire is too inflated you could slip on wet roads or save fuel , as a tire that is too deflated causes the engine to strain and wear more. For example, for electric bikes, a deflated tire will act on the motor causing greater effort in assisted pedaling but also in classic pedaling and therefore with greater muscle fatigue. I would also add that in the case of footballs or basketballs, incorrect pressure can cause the ball to bounce incorrectly and perhaps prevent you from scoring the winning goal.


Having made this premise, that is, having the correct pressure of the tyre, ball etc. is primarily for safety and performance, the OASSER portable mini compressor is an ideal companion to always carry with us. The unboxing experience is decidedly satisfying, as once the package is opened we find a precious bag to store the electric pump when not in use but also:

  • Flexible hose (length 35 cm);
  • French valve nozzle adapter (typically used on bicycle tubulars);
  • Needle nozzle adapter (typically used for inflating balloons);
  • Plastic nozzle adapter (to be used for inflating mattresses and similar);
  • Charging power supply with proprietary connection;
  • Car power supply with cigar lighter socket (3 meters long);
  • 4 replacement valve closure caps;
  • Instruction manual (present in Italian).


The first impression with the OASSER compressor is decidedly positive as is the sensation to the touch and this is due to the use of rubberized material which facilitates the grip but above all contributes to cleaning in case of contact with dirt from tires, earth etc.. The product appears as a sort of severed cylinder on the upper and lower side for greater stability when placed on the ground or on a surface, where we can admire the OASSER writing on the upper profile and two buttons, one of which is used for the start/stop of the inflation action and one for turning on/off the LED torch (8 units) integrated on the end of the sleeve which also houses the anchoring of the flexible hose for inflation.

On the lower side we find two grills for the dissipation of the heat generated during the inflation action while on the front profile of the body we find a small and convenient backlit LED display, the display power button which also serves to switch the measurement unit of pressure reference, two buttons to increase and decrease the pressure and finally the proprietary charging input.


While we're at it, let's talk directly about autonomy, which in the case of the OASSER compressor relies on a 2000 mAh lithium battery, rechargeable in around 3 hours. Also know that all safety measures are included at system level such as low voltage protection as well as the fact that if the device is not used for 3 minutes, it will automatically turn off, thus preserving the battery charge.

Ok but how long can we go with a 2000 mAh battery? The company declares that with a single charge we could inflate 20 bike wheels or 3 car tires (185/70R14), or 8 motorcycle wheels or 34 footballs. Naturally these data can vary based on the size of the tyre, how empty it is etc.. but personally I can tell you that I have inflated the tires (not totally deflated) of two cars, two bicycles and 3 soccer balls and still have a charge greater than approximately 30%.


But what makes this gadget particularly attractive is its extreme portability, not only through the supplied case but also individually, considering dimensions of only 5,5 x 4,8 x 23,5 cm and a weight of 600 grams. The circular shape and dimensions practically resemble those of an elongated can of RedBull, allowing it to be inserted inside a backpack, in the bottle cage of a bike or to be left in the dashboard of your car to always have it available in case of emergency. emergency.

But small dimensions do not mean poor power, indeed the OASSER car gadget is capable of generating an inflation with a maximum pressure of 120 PSI, suitable for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, balls, life jackets, inflatable toys and other inflatables but not for vans, coaches and campers. This translates into a certain speed in the inflating operation for example of a tyre, which in the case of dimensions of 185/70/R14 and completely deflated, will only take 6 minutes to bring it to pressure.

As mentioned, there is a practical LED light that will allow you to illuminate the tire during the darkest hours, just as the backlighting of the LED display allows good visibility under direct sunlight and excellent readability of the parameters in the dark. The display allows you to view information relating to the remaining battery, pressure measurement unit but also the pressure value of the tubular to which we have connected the tube. In fact, the OASSER portable compressor is able to automatically detect the pressure level, while with the buttons positioned at the ends of the display we can, for example, increase/decrease the pressure value we want to reach. Once the value and related unit of measurement have been set, choosing between PSI, BAR and Kg/cm², the selected value will flash 4 times after which you will start the inflation action with the appropriate button. Only flaw? We do not have pre-set modes available with values ​​for example for bike, car or other, but poco bad. If you then need to set high values, by holding down the + or – button the value will increase or decrease quickly, otherwise each click corresponds to a step of 0.05.

The operating temperatures of the OASSER pump range from 0°C to +60°C, perhaps obvious to say but in reality it makes us understand that we can use the gadget in almost every season, from the coldest winters to the hottest and hottest summers. However, be careful that if you carry out continuous inflation, one after the other, the product tends to heat up, but nothing particularly worrying, except that the battery life could decrease. You will notice that once the inflation value has been set, the pump will end its delivery stopping at a higher value of approximately 0.05 and this is because it takes into account that once you remove the tube from the valve it will lose some air. A really smart and intelligent thing on the part of the brand.

Another positive thing to point out is the reduced noise level in action, equal to a maximum of 75 dB. Naturally, if you need to inflate balls, sunbeds or anything else, you can use the nozzles supplied. Inflating a tire with the OASSER smart compressor will take slightly longer than that needed with an electric inflator, a time that increases exponentially when higher pressures are reached, precisely because the motor has to apply more force. But, timing aside, in practical terms there is no difference between this portable electric pump and a larger, more expensive model.


We have therefore reached the usual conclusions for the OASSER portable mini compressor, which are undoubtedly positive net of a purchase price of around 25 euros. A product like this is definitely recommended to everyone, even to all those who have just purchased a scooter or electric bike, but of course to motorists and for those who often go on holiday and love inflatables. In short, anything that can be inflated, the OASSER pump is suitable for the purpose.

Of course, asking for professional performance would be rather stupid, but having a portable battery-powered compressor with this quality and performance is definitely impossible, but above all it is its precision that convinced me the most. In fact, I compared it to a professional tool used by tire dealers and/or petrol stations: the result of the measurements was the same for both the professional product and the OASSER pump. Its usefulness cannot be explained in a few lines, but I assure you that even the most sceptical, when they try it, will change their minds and want to own one. I am precisely one of those users who would never have thought of purchasing a gadget like this, yet here I am, wishing for it like a child does at Christmas with presents.

9.6 Total score

The OASSER smart pump is a very useful product, which is easy to use, both for checking the pressure of the tires and for inflating them without having to resort to the tire dealer or a cumbersome compressor, but also for many other uses, from mattress for the beach or scooters. I didn't find any particular flaws so I highly recommend it.

  • Small size
  • Ease of use
  • Carrying case
  • Inflation power
  • Rapid inflation
  • Versatility of use
  • With multiple inflations it tends to heat up
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Emanuele Iafulla

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