Oclean F1 is the cheapest ultrasonic toothbrush on the market

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Electric toothbrushes are now very popular as is the brand Oclean which now boasts a large range of products with different characteristics and prices but united byexcellent value for money.

Among the many models available, theOclean F1 which, although among the cheapest in the sector, offers respectable characteristics.

Oclean F1 - High performance cleaning

Il powerful motor is capable of reaching 36.000 vibrations per minute, thanks to which the toothbrush guarantees reliable sonic cleaning of both dental and interdental spaces.

Oclean F1 also supports four modes of operation: brushing, whitening, massage and hygiene for sensitive teeth. Its intelligent system will alert the user with a vibration every 30 seconds to change the brushing position, so that the user can properly wash the entire mouth area and leave no traces of bacteria or plaque. It is designed for dedicated use by all types of users, even with dental problems.

Oclean F1 - Protection system

The system integrates a protection mechanism that reduces the frequency of vibrations to compensate for excessive pressure exerted by the user on the teeth. Furthermore, the new generation Mendosin micromotor is designed not to wear out over time, guaranteeing constant performance over the long term.

The product also boasts a very high quality cleaning head with a 3D bristle design. The gentle curves increase comfort and prevent possible damage to the teeth. The head contains fine bristles manufactured by DuPont, also a leader in the sector.

Oclean F1 - Compact design

Il compact design and weight of only 100 grams about make it very practical and pleasant in daily use. All the functions are managed by the only point present that deals with the switching on / off and the passage between the 3 operating modes. Below this button there is an area that lights up to show us the battery level and the 3 cleaning states.

The housing of the Oclean F1 is magnetic and allows you to store the toothbrush as well as obviously recharge the 2mAh battery in about 800 hours, guaranteeing an autonomy of about 30 days.

In addition, the Oclean F1, thanks to IPX7 certification, guarantees an excellent degree of protection from water both during use and when cleaning it.

Oclean F1 - Offers

These days, it Oclean official store on Aliexpress is offering the version with 2 replacement heads, shipped free from stock in Europe for only 23.3 € to which you can apply the coupon of € 1,73 for a final price of only € 21.59

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