Oclean X Pro Elite on offer for premium teeth cleaning!

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Do we have premium toothbrushes? Oclean X Pro Elite it will certainly be the non plus ultra of the category. For those unfamiliar with the brand, it is an international company that promotes dental cleaning and hygiene products. It is among the market leaders not only in terms of the number of products in the catalog, but also for their value for money. This new model will be a upgrade of the current top of the range X Pro. Let's go and see some preview details.

Oclean X Pro Elite will be the company's top-of-the-range toothbrush, available with an introductory offer

THE Oclean X Pro Elite, presented by poco, will become a reference product for the "ultrasonic toothbrushes" category thanks also to the excellent value for money. Oclean knows that thorough dental hygiene has become increasingly important to users, without that any point in the mouth remains uncovered. The new toothbrush is designed just for that. As with the previous model it features one OLED screen in the front part that manages to capture which are the areas of the oral cavity that have not been cleaned properly. It will also give a score based on the degree of cleanliness.

oclean x pro elite

As we can see, le will be highlighted in red on the screen areas where the smart toothbrush has not passed enough, reminding us to go there more carefully. The device will obviously be accompanied by thecompanion app which is not limited to simple interactive functions, data processing and storage, but is able to raccompanying targeted programs based on the user's oral situation. A great ally of the dentist in essence!

Oclean X Pro Elite will be quieter

Oclean x pro

The problem of noise from electric toothbrushes has always been a sore point for users. At present, in all the major brands of electric toothbrushes on the market we see the same problem. In order to improve the user experience, Oclean has developed noise suppression technology active ultrasound to limit the generation of noise. Through the control of the ultrasonic frequency band at 20000Hz, the one most perceived by man, they managed to limit emissions to 45 dB. Even when turned on, it is hard to recognize that it is an electric toothbrush!

Uncompromising cleaning

The cleaning power of toothbrushes is also a key aspect for the Oclean xpro elite. Oclean's unique magnetic levitation brushless motor can reach speeds of 42.000 rpm, providing more than enough power for oral cleaning. Oclean also improves the head. The DuPont diamond bristles used in Oclean Xpro Elite can deeply remove dental plaque between the teeth and improve cleaning power by 15% compared to normal round bristles. The overall amount of bristle implantation on the head increased by 26%; Oclean's R&D team has expanded the head swing to 6mm, increasing the single brush cleaning area. The overall optimization of these details causes the cleaning rate of the Oclean Xpro Elite super smart toothbrush plate to reach 300%

Oclean X Pro Elite is capable of setting more than 20 professional brushing programs via the app. These can also be matched according to the user's eating habits and oral conditions. Last but not the least feature of the new top of the range toothbrush is also the possibility of Qi recharge, i.e. wireless.

Oclean X Pro Elite is on offer on Ebay Italy and thanks to the discount coupon PITMIFEST21 it will be possible buy it at the price of 50 € receiving two free replacement heads. Here you find the offer.

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