Oclean X Pro - Ultrasonic Toothbrushes Best Buy Review!

I tried the Oclean x pro 🥰 For those unfamiliar with it, the Oclean is a company that has made its way starting from the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi (Youpin) and then landed on Indiegogo and established itself as an "honorable" brand in the field of oral cleaning. All thanks to cutting-edge products and great value for money compared to the competition.

The last product presented, theOclean X Pro, does not disappoint and (spoiler) won me over.

Oclean X Pro - Design

In the package, in addition to the body of the toothbrush, we find: the head which is intelligently compatible with previous models, the charging station and the Micro-USB charging cable.

The minimal design is characterized by a 0,95 inch color touchscreen display reminiscent of a MiBand and which is rarely found on products of this range. The display is not a useless aesthetic tinsel but allows you to interact (in Italian) with the main functions and customizations without needing to access the app. Moreover, at the end of each washing session, an instant graphic report is shown on the effectiveness of our cleaning by highlighting neglected areas in red.

Through our touch display it is in fact possible to adjust the duration of brushing, the intensity on a scale from 1 to 32, the type (cleaning, bleaching, massage) and activate the reminder of the neglected areas.

La charging base it is well thought out because in addition to charging, it allows positioning both horizontally and vertically (on the wall). In the latter mode, it is possible to separate the part that is in charge of the refill and then fix it magnetically.

Oclean X Pro - Features

The body of the toothbrush is made of high quality plastic with a blue matte finish in the version I tested. Thanks to weight of only 99 grams, the user experience is pleasant and not far from that of a classic toothbrush.

Thanks to a 6-axis gyroscope and a pressure sensor, the Oclean's AI technology it is able to detect 8 different areas and accurately signal the shadow areas but also to automatically adjust the required intensity.

Oclean X Pro uses a new generation of brushless motors capable of achieving 42.000 rpm or more than double the previous versions. These performances allow an effective cleaning even against smoke and nicotine stains ensuring a good degree of whitening.

The Oclean X Pro is equipped with an 800mAh battery that recharges in about 2 hours and is able to provide aautonomy of 30 days calculated on 2 washing of 2 ″ per day.

The IPX7 certification protects the toothbrush from dust and water, allowing us to clean the body of the device with care directly under running water.


The Oclean X Pro is able to connect via bluetooth to a smartphone to interact with the proprietary app available in the Play store. Compared to the functions directly accessible from the toothbrush display, we have homepage an overview of the effectiveness of our washes.

Il analysis report examines in detail the duration, pressure and effective coverage of our brushes, even showing a map of the dental arch. We also have one historical where we can find all the details of the usage sessions divided by day. Do not miss the classic schematic that provides statistics on head condition.

Remarkable is the section relating to brushing program which provides 13 different programs with pre-set features, all accompanied by instructions and images:

  • Standard cleaning
  • Medium intensity cleaning
  • Strong cleaning
  • Sensitive teeth after tooth cleaning
  • Medium bleaching
  • Super whitening
  • Sensitive cleaning
  • SPA gentle cleaning
  • SPA standard cleaning
  • Sweet afternoon drinks
  • Cleaning gums
  • Bleaching beginners
  • Cleaning orthodontic appliances

To complete the customizations there is a "personal" section where you can find your information (age, sex, type of teeth, consumption of coffee and nicotine) which help the AI ​​of the Oclean X Pro to accurately adjust some of the automatic settings.


The Oclean X Pro convinced me from all points of view.

Solid, minimal but comfortable, it is very pleasant to use on a daily basis.

The technical solutions used (6-axis gyroscope, pressure sensor, IA) are truly top of the range and combined with the effective brushless motor guarantee high-level and personalized cleaning. The touch display is the final "gem".

In essence the price of 50 € (o poco plus) is well below the value of the product which has not shown any criticality but only a lot of quality.

Oclean X Pro - Offers

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Oclean X Pro - The best buy of ultrasonic toothbrushes

The price of 50 € (or poco plus) is well below the value of the product which has not shown any criticality but only a lot of quality.

  • Touch display
  • Powerful engine
  • 6-axis gyroscope and pressure sensor
  • Well-made app
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