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[Offer] MGCOOL 3 14 Smartband Red to 2 € Guarantee XNUMX Years Europe

Perfect for those who want to keep their vital signs under control during physical activity, band 3 by Mgcool is now available at half price!

Packed with smart features, including pedometer, heart rate monitor and sleep monitor, the Mgcool Band 3 will take care of you not only during fitness, but also during normal daily activities. The device will allow you to always have the condition of the body under control and will accompany us at all times, thanks also to the waterproof design that makes it suitable even for rainy days. To close, we would like to point out that this product is covered by a European 2-year warranty!

Proceed with the purchase from the PC and log in to the gearbest.com website, otherwise the code will not be valid

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