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Offer - Philips cm-999 Xiaomi youpin water purifier at 53 €

Are you considering the purchase of a home water purifier, to file the expenses on the purchase of water? Here is the low cost solution!

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The guarantee of this product comes from a collaboration with Philips-Xiaomi Youpin!

Here are the main features:
● Sterilization, chlorine removal, simple assembly
● Filtering accuracy: 0,1 micron
● Granular membrane with activated carbon, ultrafiltration of polysulfone
● Water: 0,45 l / min
● Total amount of net water: 30L
● Inlet temperature: 5 - 38 ° C

Cristiano Cento
Cristiano Cento

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5 years ago

What does total net water amount mean?

Michele Piampiano
5 years ago

Hi hi I would be interested in buying, but do you know where to find the replacement filters?