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Mi Led Bulb RGB Xiaomi bulbs compatible with Alexa and Google Home

If you want to give a touch of color to home environments (office, studio, etc.), save on the electricity bill and have fun turning on / off the lights then you can only choose the excellent Mi Led Bulb, the signed RGB Led bulbs. Xiaomi. Smart WiFi-enabled features and outstanding durability make it a great buy. There are three ways to interact: via the classic on / off button, via application and via voice command with Alexa / Google Home

Xiaomi Mi LED Bulb PAIR RGBW E27 bulbs from EU warehouse
🇪🇺FREE Fast Shipping from Europe (No Customs) ✈
28€ 59€

Changing the color of your room according to your mood has never been easier! Just download the appropriate app. There will be preset scenes, the ability to change color according to the music (a little disco effect) and also settable timers. The autonomy of these bulbs is extraordinary: in fact we are talking about 11 years of life. For those who feel "old style" and like classic light, we offer the white version, also characterized by incredible durability.

But now we come to the offer we found for you today! A light bulb like that, from the most famous brands (philips, etc.) would cost you around € 40. Here comes the beauty, for a pair of Xiaomi Mi Led Bulbs today you can only spend 27 €! You got it right .. with these ridiculous figures you will have them, with shipping INCLUDED from Europe warehouse, directly to your home! The payment that you can make via Paypal is also very secure. Here is the link and the coupon that are not to be missed!

💡 Xiaomi Mi LED Bulb PAIR of E27 RGB bulbs at 28 € from EU warehouse
💰 Coupon: 875047A42C

💡 Xiaomi Mi LED Bulb PAIR of E27 RGB bulbs + Screwdriver Xiaomi Kit at 40 € from EU warehouse
💰 Coupon: 9EA1EB2E19
🇪🇺FREE Fast Shipping from Europe (No Customs) ✈

💡 Xiaomi Yeelight 1SE E27 6W RGB
💰 Price: 13 €
🇨🇳 Priority Line Shipping (No Customs) ✈

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8 months ago

I can't find the coupon for the white one

Last edited 8 months ago by Andrea
2 years ago

The coupon is not working. Returns the error: 'This coupon only applies to specific products.'

2 years ago

You're right, it works, but I didn't change product, I changed stock. Thank you

2 years ago

I think it is obvious but it is the first model and not the right one?

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