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Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition today on offer at 23 € from EU warehouse

Today we offer you the Xiaomi router 4 and its variants, first of all 4a router, very useful for improving the coverage of your wireless network thanks to their excellent performance!

Mi 4A Edition Gigabit Dual Band Router
🇪🇺FREE Fast Shipping from Spain (No Customs) ✈
23€ 69€

Equipped with 4 antennas that maximize capacity and power, these WiFi routers are characterized by very short installation times and accessibility obtained through the use of the MiWiFi app, which allows easy setting of parameters and settings. Dual core processor, RAM and ROM of first choice guarantee stability and efficiency, while the design has been revised and is now more elegant and compact. Very fast the WI-FI transfer rate up to 1167Mbps

Main features

● The latest 802.11ac WiFi standard for faster 3x access and more reliable streaming for your home computers and mobile devices

● Simultaneous al-band, 2,4 GHz (300 Mbps) and 5 GHz (867 Mbps) networks

● Four external antennas for faster wireless performance over longer distances

● Easily manage your network settings with the MiyFi Xiaomi APP

● MIPS MT7621A processor, NAND SAB flash memory at 128 MB, DDR3 RAM from 128 MB: stable and reliable

Today on offer also the other models of the "Router 4" line

Offers for Mi Router 4A

📶 Mi 4A Edition Gigabit Dual Band Router at 23 € from EU warehouse
💰 Coupon: EBAE39405D
🇪🇺FREE Fast Shipping from Spain (No Customs) ✈

📶 Xiaomi Mi Router 4A
💰 Price: 26 €
🇨🇳 Priority Direct Mail Shipping (Delivery 10 / 15gg, NO customs) ✈

📶 Xiaomi Mi 4C Wireless Router
💰 Price: 29 €
🇨🇳 Priority Line Delivery (Delivery 10-15gg, NO customs) ✈

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1 year ago

the discount code in gearvita does not appear

1 year ago

tells me "Sorry, this promo code does not exist" (xiaomi 4a)

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