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Xiaomi Oclean Air 2 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for €34 on Amazon Prime!

Experience an unparalleled clean experience with Xiaomi's Oclean rechargeable electric toothbrush! For a few days, you can buy it with an important discount!

Here the main features:

● Intelligent and efficient magnetic rotor motor, high frequency vibration sound 40000 strokes / min and 220 of high torque, effectively clean the space between the teeth and remove the dental plaque
 DuPont American high-density Brilliance and German pedex bristle, without rust, ecological and healthy
Pressure sensitive button, start with a light trigger, longer life, seamless design, waterproof and dustproof
APP control with Bluetooth function, APP offers hundreds of assistance programs, easily customize your brushing mode based on your daily habits and your cleaning needs
● Rounded bristles do not scratch the gums or damage the surface
● Standard brush with various integrated sensors, it is possible to consult the brush feedback report through the APP
● Faster magnetic charge in 2,5 hours per full
● Long waiting time, when fully charged, the brush has enough battery life for 30 days of regular use
● Compact and uni-body design, IPX7 protection rating

Technical specifications:
● Material: PC
● Charging source: Oclean USB quick charge magnetic base
● Charging time: 2,5 hours
● Battery life: 30 days
● Waterproof rate: IPX7
● Battery capacity: 800 mAh
● Bluetooth: 4,2 BLE
● Input: 5V / 1A

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Cristiano Cento

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4 years ago

cette brosse à dent c'est un truc à vous déchausser les dents tellement ça vibre: il y aurait plusieurs modes mais avec uniquement une notice en chinois difficult de les trouver!