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November 12, 2021
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November 12, 2021
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2021, thanks to the pandemic, was the boom year of online sales packaged growth 21% for a market worth almost 40 billion. It is therefore normal that services have been created in parallel to save with discount codes and offers on Telegram.

How do the offers on Telegram work?

Whether it is Italian, European or Chinese sites - the price you usually find indicated - is not always the lowest.

The shops themselves, but even the producers, make them available coupon discount to purchase products with discounts of up to 30% compared to the retail price encouraging sharing and word of mouth.

The constant is added to the discount codes monitoring of price trends which, especially on Amazon, they can undergo important variations even during the day.

There is no shortage of frequent ones lightning offers (or flash deals) which are sudden price reductions during events or promotions with a predefined duration, often only one day.

Finally, even if rare, every now and then on eCommerce there are some pricing errors with discounts well below the cost price of the product itself. They are the best deals but you have to be prepared and fast.

I am therefore real discounts on technology products that your colleague or neighbor, on the same day, may have paid more than you.

Where to find them?

It is therefore important to have an efficient reference that allows a quick report. And in this he comes to our aid Telegram which is a messaging app like whatsapp but with many advanced features including channels.

In addition to channel where we focus on news and offers from the Xiaomi ecosystem, on ours Telegram channel TODAY DISCOUNTS every day we publish up to 100 offers on consumer electronics, gadgets, household appliances, telephony and IT. You will find them all verified offers and detailed from i best online stores.

You will obviously find offers coming from

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