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One of the Plus that surely has distinguished Xiaomi from all the other Chinese brands, and not only, is the incredible variety of products made. I, who had the pleasure of trying many of them (the air purifier, the vacuum cleaner robot, the various security cameras, the RGB bulbs just to name a few), I can say that today we don't need thousands of euros for domotics, but enough very little to make our home "SMART".

2 ecosystem

The well-known site GrossoShop has listed a series of Xiaomi ecosystem products that you can buy directly from Italy and with official Xiaomi warranty. Before pointing you to the link where to find all this, I want to remind you that buying on GrossoShop you will have an express 24 / 48h shipment directly from Italy, Italian 24 month warranty and technical support from Italian personnel. I also want to remind you that for all the products on the list, including those of this promo, you can use ours discount code generic: XTGS5

So, if you want a more technological home, you just need to take a look at this fantastic XIAOMI ECOSYSTEM


X 20 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi Band 3 + 3 Replacement Bracelets

💰 Coupon: 20MIBAND3

https://grossoshop.net/products/xiaomi-mi-band-3-bundle? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

📌 130 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum + 4 replacement accessories

💰 Coupon: 130MIROBOT

https://grossoshop.net/products/xiaomi-mi-robot-vacuum-bundle? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

X 15 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD


https://grossoshop.net/products/xiaomi-mi-in-ear-headphones-pro-hd? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

X 20 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 ° 1080p

💰 Coupon: 20MICAMERA

https://grossoshop.net/products/xiaomi-mi-home-security-camera-360-1080p? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

X 30 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush + 9 replacement heads


https://grossoshop.net/products/xiaomi-mi-electric-toothbrush-bundle? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

📌 35 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp

💰 Coupon: 35MIBEDLAMP

https://grossoshop.net/products/xiaomi-mi-bedside-lamp? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

X 110 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2s + anti-bacterial filter

💰 Coupon: 110AIRPURIFIER

https://grossoshop.net/products/mi-air-purifier-2s-bundle? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

📌 20 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi LED Desk Lamp

💰 Coupon: 20MIDESKLAMP

https://grossoshop.net/products/xiaomi-mi-led-desk-lamp? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

📌 25 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale

💰 Coupon: 25MISCALE

https://grossoshop.net/products/xiaomi-mi-smart-scale? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

📌 20 € Coupon on Kit 2 Brushes for Mi Robot Vacuum

💰 Coupon: 20ROBOTBRUSH

https://grossoshop.net/products/kit-spazzole-per-xiaomi-mi-robot-vacuum? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

📌 20 € Coupon on Kit 3 Cleaning Accessories for Mi Robot Vacuum


https://grossoshop.net/products/kit-accessori-pulizia-per-mi-robot-vacuum? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

📌 20 € Coupon on Xiaomi Mi Business Backpack

💰 Coupon: 20BACKPACK

https://grossoshop.net/products/xiaomi-mi-business-backpack? Rfsn = 2458660.558f97

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