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OnePlus response to Mi4? "5000 Invitations"

To counter the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4, which will create a lot of problems with OnePlus One's sales, OnePlus is offering 5000 invitations.


A few weeks ago, users did everything to get an invitation to buy OnePlus One, but now the situation is changing drastically. Looking at the forum you will easily find users who give away their invitations. It seems that whatever is stopping OnePlus from releasing a large amount of invitations of past water, and the company is circulating a good deal, making the purchase of the One a little simpler.

How many invitations? 5000, released in the Blizzard of Invites, or the "Storm of Invitations". A desperate attempt by OnePlus to counter the release of the new Xiaomi Mi4, OnePlus users know that their invitation policy is not the best and Xiaomi could inflict a big blow on it.

But thanks to us at you can rest assured that you will not be part of the desperate users we mentioned earlier in search of an invitation! Because?

The reason why it is very simple, you can directly buy the OnePlus One on our shop  "Without invitation", Yup! you got it right.

Let us know in the comments below if you are willing to wait and buy the new Xiaomi Mi4 or choose OnePlus One directly.

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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