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OnePlus, Huawei and Meizu hit the new Xiaomi Mi4!

Today many of our doubts about the latest generation Mi-phone have been dispelled. Hugo Barra and Lei Jun have finally unveiled their new little-big smartphone to the world, the Xiaomi Mi4, a device that has left not only the many Mi-fans and insiders speechless who were waiting for its release, but, apparently, even large and well-known players in the market.

Xiaomi had promised an extraordinary feel and so it was. The Mi4 is a device that, apart from technical specifications, could really match the design quality of the best smartphones currently on the market. Not that we hi-tech enthusiasts made in China did not know, but the company did well to re-emphasize its growing supremacy and importance on the moving, Chinese first, world-wide scene then.

To remain impressed are not, as is obviously the case, in particular the Mi-fans, who are already well aware of the potential of the company, but more than a few major CEOs of competing companies, who have expressed their approval for the goodness of the Xiaomi product.

Meizu Mi4
Huawei Mi4
OnePlus Mi4

To give their opinion were Jack Wong for Meizu, Peter Lau for OnePlus and also a big piece of Huawei. All three very short messages that express great amazement: "Good", "Beautiful" and "Fu * k". Except for the censurable tweets of the CEO of OnePlus, the Xiaomi Mi4 seems to be just like everyone!


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