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OnePlus X: Price Leaks in a Teaser! Will it be true?

Exactly three days from the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus will present its new OnePlus X, the company's first mid-range smartphone that is really exciting. Much has been said about this device and now it seems that some teaser has been leaked over the network to anticipate the alleged price. Find out with us!

OnePlus X: This could be the possible price!

OnePlus X

The 29 October in an event that we could call " ", The Chinese startup OnePlus will present its first mid - range smartphone, the OnePlus X. We talked a lot about this device, especially to let you know its alleged technical data sheet that, for the sake of completeness, we remember the following:

  • Display from 5 inches with resolution Full HD cover by Curved 2.5D glass;
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801;
  • 2 / 3 GB of RAM memory;
  • Back Camera from 13 megapixel;
  • Front Camera by 5 megapixel;
  • Operating System Android 5.1.1 with customization OXYGEN.

A highly technical datasheet if you consider the alleged launch price, which is now leaked in a first leaked image.

OnePlus X

As you can see from the image posted soon, the alleged price of OnePlus X should be 1699 Yuan, the equivalent of about 240 € at the current exchange rate. Unfortunately this is a rumor that goes slightly in contrast to the previous ones they wanted OnePlus X sold at approx 220 €, but in any case it is always a very aggressive price.

According to you OnePlus X could it really be sold at this price? Or do you think it's the usual ground-breaking rumor?


Article OnePlus X: Price Leaks in a Teaser! Will it be true? seems to be the first of

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Simone Rodriguez
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