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Open Thread: Are Xiaomi-phones too "inspired" for mature markets?

Xiaomi to date has already crossed the thresholds of some selected markets, its ambitions are deductible but not yet certain: conquer the world with its brand. The question we ask you today is the following: before taking the big step (and by big step we mean landing in mature markets such as Europe and the United States) shouldn't it make completely unique products? (and by unique we mean not too inspired by devices from competing companies ...)

China is undoubtedly what we could define as the "industrial zone of the planet", the place where almost everything is produced. A nation where, however, for each terminal created there are at least 4 or 5 clones; obviously not all companies make clones: some build devices "from scratch" (see OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, Huawei ...), others take inspiration (see Xiaomi), others still perform clear replicas (see GooPhone).

Xiaomi, as we have said, falls into the 2nd category, although the Redmi line (the luckiest for Lei Jun & co.) Is characterized by strongly distinctive lines. Xiaomi Mi2, Mi3, Mi4, Mi Router and also the Mi Pad, on the other hand, all share the aspect of the product already on the market; When the Mi2 was launched it was renamed the clone of the Meizu MX, the Mi3 as a Lumia- wannabe, the Mi4 is a cross between a latest iPhone and a Lumia 930, the Mi Router has the same deisgn as the Apple Magic TrackPad and Mi Pad is a partially redesigned iPad Mini.

Xiaomi Mi4 - Apple iPhone 5

The fact that Xiaomi devices are aesthetically appealing has no doubt. Jun's designers have been smart to modify their products as much as they do not get them into the categories wannabe or even clones. But is this all that is enough to penetrate difficult and hyper-competitive markets such as European or American markets?

We Router Mini

As Xiaomi's public continues to grow, the company increasingly defines its territorial goals. The doubt that we are in is the following: Xiaomi should not change the form factor to differentiate itself from competitors on its next markets? For example, Xiaomi should land in the US, what you think might be the average consumer of stars and stripes: it will be attracted to the incredible quality / price ratio of the Xiaomi-phone or will continue to look at them as sophisticated clones of the devices mainstream?

What do you think of kids? Can Xiaomi continue to move on its way by borrowing ideas and designs from other companies or will it need sooner or later to change?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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