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Google will soon have a rival. OpenAI will offer a search engine powered by ChatGPT. Goodbye Chrome?

Lately I have a revulsion when I read and hear the word "revolution". It is overused but I think in this case we can say that it is well used. According to what was disclosed by The Information, it seems that OpenAI is internally developing a ChatGPT based search engine. The GPT-4 model could therefore undermine Chrome e Gemini just integrated by Google on Bard.

OpenAI prepares a web search product: a ChatGPT-based search engine is on the horizon

The project that OpenAI is preparing seems to be more than anything else an extension of ChatGPT (not Chrome-style extension), i.e. a different application compared to the chatbot that we are used to using every day. Effective after launch ChatGPT memory and the function it allows talk to ChatGPT, Search Engine it is the only product in the line that is missing and that would really be useful. According to what the source revealed, the capabilities of the search engine with ChatGPT will be supported by the experience and capabilities of the developers di Bing, formerly Microsoft.

At the moment, Google has a monopoly on search engines. Chrome, in fact, is the most used Chromium-based browser in the world. Other attempts are indeed of great value as Brave o DuckDuck Go, but they are not as extensive, customizable and complete as Chrome.

OpenAI's experience and Microsoft-supported search could be two keys to dethroning Google. However, it is worth remembering that one of the goals of the Mountain View giant is to integrate Gemini on Google. So OpenAi will have to clash with a company that already before it (and in an official manner, moreover) has already announced the plans in this sense.

One of the biggest challenges that Sam Altman's company will have to face, however, is the wave of criticism that Google has been fighting for years: low quality results e positioning practices poco correct with projects paying millions to stay high on search engines

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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