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Oppo R7 Lite: new variant of the R7 family!

Oppo added something to the family R7, that is, the new one Oppo R7 Lite. Identical to the version R7, with regard to aesthetics. The version Lite, so it brings with some downgrade hardware, and a reduction in the price due.


Oppo R7 Lite

Oppo R7 Lite


Oppo R7 Lite | Technical specifications

The most obvious change is the resolution of the , which in the version Lite and of 1280 × 720 pixels, compared to FullHD of Oppo R7. Also the RAM has undergone the same treatment of , in fact, has been reduced by 3 GB a 2 GB.

Other features of the device in question:

  • The processor is still present Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdrahon 615;
  • 16GB memory intern, which can be expanded with MicroSD;
  • Back Camera from 13 mega-pixels, while front by 8 mega-pixels;
  • A charger VOOC, exaggerated, to recharge a battery of only 2.320 mAh.

Strangely enough,Oppo R7 Lite it has a built-in build Android 5.1 Color OS 2.1, while the 'Oppo R7 has been launched with KitKat, and is still waiting for an update to Lollipop. Thus,Oppo R7 Lite has taken over in this case ...


Oppo R7 Lite


For more information aboutOppo R7 e Oppo R7 Plus see this article:

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Oppo R7 Lite | Price

Oppo R7 is sold to €350 in Europe , $400 the United States and the rest of the world. Thus,Oppo R7 Lite it should cost about €280 in Europe and $320 elsewhere.


What do you think of this device? The Right Choice by the Chinese Colossus?




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