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OSCAL Presents Innovative Energy Storage Solutions at Intersolar/EES Europe 2024

EES Europe, the continent's largest and most influential exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, takes place from 19 to 21 June at Messe München. Notable participants include OSCAL, a pioneering brand in energy storage equipment, which will showcase its latest innovations at EES Europe 2024. This year, OSCAL will showcase a number of revolutionary products, including the first of robust energy in the world, the PowerMax 3600, the versatile PowerMax 2400 with Bluetooth speaker and charging pad, and the 200W PM200 solar panel.

OSCAL PowerMax 3600: The World's First Rugged Power Station for Home Use and External Backup

Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600

The PowerMax 3600 stands out as the world's first rugged power station designed for both home use and external backup. With the ability to withstand vertical drops up to 0,8 meters, boasts considerable capacity 3600Wh battery and a rated power of 3600W, meeting the needs of most users. Its 100% modular design allows for power expansion of up to 57.600Wh (3600Wh per battery pack). Equipped with 14 well-organized output ports, it can charge 99% of essential devices and its UPS takes control of power continuously in just 5ms, which is 50% faster than comparable units. Using LiFePO4 batteries, it maintains up to 80% capacity over 3500 charge cycles. The PowerMax 3600 charges quickly, reaching 80% in just 69 minutes, and supports multiple charging methods, including solar, wind, hydroelectric and other green energy sources. Additionally, it offers five LED light modes for illumination and can be used to transmit information via Morse code.

OSCAL PowerMax 2400: The Most Versatile Energy Station with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charging

Oscal EES 2024

Born for versatility, the PowerMax 2400 is a portable energy station equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging pad. It not only serves as an emergency backup power source, but also enriches outdoor travel with music playing function. With a robust 4Wh LiFePO1872 battery, it supports up to 10 battery packs (1872Wh each) with a maximum capacity of 20.592Wh. On the input side, it supports AC, auto and solar inputs, and dual charging makes it fully charged in just 1 hour. As for the outputs, in addition to the 2400W AC, DC, USB-A, TYPE-C and cigarette lighter ports, it also includes two 15W wireless charging pads on the top. Additionally, it features a built-in LED light with four modes for added convenience.

Balcony Solar Solution with Micro Inverter

Un 800W micro inverter It can be connected to two 400W solar panels, making it suitable for use on balconies. Alternatively, the solar panels can be connected to the micro inverter and then connected to the BP2400 (1872Wh battery pack) for use. Furthermore, the micro inverter supports grid connection.

Portable Solar Panel OSCAL PM200 – 200W

Oscal PM200

The portable solar panel OSCAL PM200 It is a must for green energy systems. It provides 200W solar output with an adjustable stand for optimal positioning. Thanks to its laminate technology and durable ETFE material, the panel ensures longevity and high efficiency. Achieving an impressive conversion rate of up to 21,7%-23%, it stands out as a superior option for meeting sustainable energy needs.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of energy stations with OSCAL al hall B1.370N at Messe München, Germany.

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