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Osotek H200 Lite Xiaomi floor cleaner at 220 € including shipping from Europe!

The Osotek H200 Lite floor cleaner stands out for some notable features. One of its main qualities is the ability to tilt up to 180°, making it extremely maneuverable and capable of reaching difficult spaces under furniture, beds and sofas. This feature is particularly appreciated for domestic cleaning, offering a unique advantage compared to other similar products: cordless vacuum cleaner for solids and liquids, 12500Pa suction power, reclining 180 degrees horizontally, 2 sides Edge cleaning, 30 minutes of autonomy, Clean water tank 750ml, LED screen

Osotek H200 Lite


The machine is equipped with a 750 ml clean water tank and a 640 ml dirty water tank. Battery life is around 30 minutes in standard mode, reducing in turbo mode. As for cleaning performance, the H200 Lite proves effective in removing dust and light dirt, and thanks to its 6mm and 11mm side brush, it cleans corners and edges with precision. It is easy and convenient to use, with good handling thanks to the flexible joint.

The H200 Lite has a 12.500 PA brushless motor, which provides good suction power and satisfactory results on various types of floors, including terracotta, laminate and tiles. Cleaning modes include Standard, Turbo, and Vacuum, but it lacks a sensor to automatically detect dirt. Another noteworthy feature is the ability to effectively clean along edges and baseboards.

Despite some compromises compared to the more advanced H200 model, such as the absence of a HEPA filter and the lack of front LEDs to illuminate the floor, the Lite model offers good value for money. It is suitable for hard floors and is not compatible with carpets. Its maintenance is simplified thanks to the self-cleaning function which cleans the roller inside the charging base. However, it should be noted that it does not have an automatic drying function and floors may remain slightly damp after cleaning.

In terms of price, theOsetok H200 Lite is available for around 399 euros, with possible discounts that can further reduce the cost.


Xiaomi Osotek H200 Lite scrubber dryer

220€ 399€
Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
General Brand: OSOTEK
Type: Wet & Wet Vacuum Cleaner
Model: H200 Lite
White color
Small PartsPower: 160 W
Engine speed: 102000rpm
Suction: 12500 Pa
Roller Brush Type: Ordinary
Charging time: 4 hours
Operating time: 30 minutes
Clean water tank: 750
ml Dirty water tank: 640 ml
Battery (lithium-ion battery): 6*3000mAh
Display screen: LED 
Motor: Brushless Working Modes: Standard/Turbo/Vacuum
Low noise operation: 78 dBA
Propulsion power: Yes
Forward dirt/dirt detection: no Auto mode: no 
Roller brush self-cleaning: yes 
Anti-Wrap Roller Brush: Dense Comb Design Anti-Wrap Hair Roller Brush 
180° Horizontally Reclined to clean under furniture: yes 
App Connectivity: No
Solid-liquid separation: yes
Edge and corner cleaning: Edge cleaning on both sides
Docking Station: Yes, for charging and self-cleaning
Portable Suction Mode: No
Weight and sizePackage weight: 6,3 kg
Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): 325 x 290 x 785 mm
Package Contents1 x OSOTEK H200 Lite
1 x roller brush (integrated)
1 x filter
1 x cleaning brush
1 x cleaning solution
1 x power adapter
1 x charging station
1 x warranty card
1 x user manual
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