Other than privacy violated, before OnePlus 8 there were Xiaomi Mi 8 and POCOPHONE F1 to take X-rays with the IR camera

In the last period the OnePlus brand and specifically the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro smartphones, have been at the center of some controversies due to the photographic sensor included in the devices, which would allow you to see through some surfaces including shirts and clothes, thus invading privacy of people who could be victims without their knowledge of not exactly lawful shots.

Other than privacy violated, before OnePlus 8 there were Xiaomi Mi 8 and POCOPHONE F1 to take X-rays with the IR camera

What perhaps few remember is that even devices such as POCOPHONE F1 and Xiaomi Mi 8 allowed and still do so to take pictures in IR mode, generally used for unlocking via facial recognition, through some small escàmotage.

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Someone therefore thought it well to produce an application that would bring this hidden feature to the highest levels, thus obtaining incredible photos or even to see us in the dark. The app in question is called IR Camera and is available on the Google Play Store, although we must be honest, the final result is not as refined as that obtained with OnePlus devices, as the IR sensor used in Mi 8 and POCOPHONE F1 it only allows you to look beyond plastics under a certain thickness. In addition, to take advantage of the app you need access to ROOT permissions if we are equipped with ROMs with Android version lower than 10 but currently both mobile phones have official Android 10, so it should not be a problem.

IR camera - Little F1 / Mi8
IR camera - Little F1 / Mi8
Work on MIUI (root required for pre-Android 10 versions)


Unlike what happened on OnePlus 8 Pro, or that the company had to remove this functionality from its systems for privacy reasons, in the case of POCOPHONE F1 and Xiaomi Mi 8, the feature does not violate any regulation. This happens because the IR camera is located on the front of both phones and requires an additional application, but perhaps the indicated application will be short-lived, so if you want to try it, run to download it.


It is necessary to clarify that this type of camera is not an x-ray, but allows the passage of infrared lights to see certain colors that are impossible for the human eye to detect. Thanks to that, we will be able to see through some thin plastics and some clothes. Well if you try it we are curious to see your artistic shots.

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13 days ago

Was mi8 or mi9 able to see with ir camera? It is mentioned twice mi8 and once mi9.

Walter Bonazzi
Walter Bonazzi
12 days ago
Reply to Roberto

I have the mi 9, but without root the app does not work.

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