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OxygenOS 15: OnePlus official list that will update

The news of the moment in the OnePlus world is the imminent launch of OxygenOS 15. If your smartphone is a OnePlus 10 Pro, there is good news for you! However, if you are an owner of a device from series 9 and below, unfortunately we have to announce that you will not receive the latest version of the custom skin based on Android 15.

OxygenOS 15: OnePlus official list that will update

Time seems to fly since OnePlus introduced its first model, the OnePlus One, more than a decade ago. Since then, the company has come a long way, starting with an original invitations system to balance production based on demand up to the latest software innovations. This fall marks another important chapter with the launch of OxygenOS 15 based on Android 15, which will be available at November after a series of beta tests concluded in October.

Not all devices will be eligible to receive this update. Here is the complete list of devices that will support OxygenOS 15:

  • OnePlus 12
  • One Plus 12R
  • OnePlus 11
  • One Plus 11R
  • OnePlus 10 Pro
  • OnePlus 10T
  • One Plus 10R
  • OnePlus North 3
  • OnePlus North CE 3
  • OnePlus Nord CE3 Lite
  • OnePlus Open
  • One Plus Pad

Moving on to the features, OxygenOS 15 will introduce some notable new features. One of the most revolutionary is undoubtedly the connectivity satellite, which will allow users to send and receive SMS and RCS messages without the need for a cellular connection. This significantly expands communication capabilities in emergency situations or remote areas.

Another useful addition is the ability to share only part of the screen with other users, ideal for maintaining privacy while sharing content. Notification management will be improved to reduce interruptions from particularly active apps.

The viewing experience will be enriched with the introduction of edge-to-edge apps, which will allow more immersive use of the screen, similar to that offered by the latest iPhone models. Furthermore, the ability to locate Android devices even when they are turned off It will bring greater peace of mind to users, knowing that they can find their device in any circumstance.

La OnePlus official list that will update to Android 15 she is not very nourished, and only takes into account newer devices.

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