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OxygenOS is finally available for download

OxygenOs is the new ROM owner of OnePlus, which will soon replace the much appreciated CyanogenMod. The story of this ROM has been very troubled since, since its announcement, its publication was repeatedly postponed leaving the bitterness in the mouth to all those eager to try it. But now the wait is over, and for whoever wants it OXYGEN is available for download.

In surprise, in fact, without issuing statements that anticipated its release, OnePlus on today's day he opened a thread on his forum where he announced the availability of his own ROM. Directly from the official page we understand that the OXYGEN, based on Android 5.0.2, is a lightweight, full-featured operating system. But it is only at the beginning, and OnePlus points out that its ROM is a platform that will soon be developed together with users who, with their feedback, will provide substantial support for the growth of this ROM.

rom_three rom_two rom_one

Through gestures you can manage ours OnePlus One even off screen, and through a panel quick settings implemented, all the most common operations are immediately within reach. Finally, particular importance has been attributed to the appearance Customization, and that is why OXYGEN it will be a ROM highly customizable.

In short, this is just a brief overview of what OxygenOS has to offer, so learn more about why not immediately test the new ROM made in OnePlus with your hand? Here she is official page from which you can download it, let us know how it looks!


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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