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Payments on X arriving this year: lots of news from Elon Musk

X is about to launch a series of innovations that promise to revolutionize the way we interact with i payments online. Between artificial intelligence and new features, the future of social media is well defined: starting from X, they will become all-round applications that will also allow payments to be made. THE payments on X in fact, they will be the biggest news of the 2024 for Elon Musk's company of the same name.

Payments on X, formerly Twitter, will arrive in 2024

X, after its acquisition by Elon Musk, began a radical transformation journey, aiming to become an "all in one" app. With the implementation of creator tools, shopping functions and, above all, payment solutions, X positions itself as a pioneer in the field of digital transactions.

Today's announcement on the part of X confirms the company's commitment to an ambitious piano annual, which includes experiences powered by artificial intelligence and the launch of peer-to-peer payments. This latest feature will allow users to send money within the platform and transfer it to verified bank accounts, marking an important step forward in the digital payments sector.

Over the past few months, X has been working for acquire the necessary licenses for payment management, reaching a significant number of authorized US states. This progress, while slow, demonstrates a serious commitment to realizing Musk's vision.

smartphone in shadow with x logo, former twitter

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Payment integration on X is not limited to simple monetary transactions. Musk has hinted at the idea of offer its users high-yield money market accounts, encouraging the permanence of greater liquidity on the platform. This move could transform X into a financial hub, as well as a social and entertainment platform.

The commercial aspect is equally fundamental in this evolution. By introducing peer-to-peer payments, X aims to unlock new commerce and utility opportunities for users, connecting to other products such as revenue sharing with creators and online shopping.

La Brand safety is another crucial aspect. X has faced significant challenges, with some advertisers pulling out due to placing their ads near toxic content or hate speech. Musk has responded controversially to these withdrawals, but X continues to try to attract advertisers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, to fill the void left by big brands.

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