More power with the Mod Firmware for the Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter

As of 1.4.1 firmware version it is no longer possible to load modified firmware. Check the vs version before proceeding.

Given the great success of the previous guide for increase the maximum speed of the QiCycle electric bicycle, we continue this line of modification of the "two-wheeled" Xiaomi devices through modified firmware. This time it is the turn of the Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter that through this hack will allow you to reach the 35km, have more acceleration and some interesting features.

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The operation is also quite easy since it will be sufficient to load the modified firmware to appreciate the following benefits.

  • More power
  • More maximum speed (35km / h in the plain)
  • Motor brake disabled (passive charging disabled)
  • Immediate departure without pushing

On the other hand we will lose the ECO mode which will be replaced by the "normal" mode, ie with the same performance as the stock firmware and which can be activated in the same way (double pressing of the button).

We remind you that these operations are not risk-free: something during the flash can go wrong, the greater power could wear the mechanical parts faster, finally the safety of the vehicle will significantly decrease. is not responsible for any damage.

Let's see in detail how to proceed.


Verification of the requirements

Before proceeding it is necessary to have:

  • An Android smartphone
  • An Internet connection
  • The suitable model of scooter Xiaomi Mijia

There are two models: a standard and a more powerful one. If the serial code on the front wheel is on a single line, you have the more powerful version. If the serial is on two lines, you own the standard version. This information will help us later in choosing the firmware.

Serial electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia M365

The essential requirement for using this hack is to have the "two fuse" version.

To recognize it, simply check the code (XXXXX / YYYYYYYY) shown on the label on the side of the scooter.

Serial electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia M365

The values ​​of XXXXX can be of 5 types:
13678 China White
16057 Youth
16132 European White
Verify battery manufacturing date - Must be later than March 2017

13679 China Black
Verifying the part YYYYYYYY must report a value greater than 35000.

16133 European Black (2 Fuses)
It is definitely at 2 fuses

Depending on the model, check the essential requirement of the "two fuses".

FFB - Battery Manufacturing Date - Must be later than March 2017
NSY - The part YYYYYYYY must report a value greater than 35000.

If you have a model with 2 fuses you can continue with the guide.


Software required

Before continuing we must equip ourselves with the necessary software.

Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter

Install m365 DownG from the PlayStore Download the modified firmware

Choice of the Firmware

In ZIP package downloaded you will find 7 files.

The two tracks circled with green are the modified firmware: 200CFW.bin e 200CFW_W.bin. The first (200CFW.bin) guarantees maximum performance but tends to stress the battery and the engine and therefore should be used only with the "more powerful version"(See 1 point of the guide).

The five files rimmed with orange they are old versions not modified and useful for making a downgrade.


Firmware installation

The author of the files suggests uninstalling the Xiaomi and Ninebot apps or otherwise disassociating them. We did not have any problems despite not having followed these indications. Make sure, however, that these are not running.

  1. We turn on the scooter (Load at least at 70%)
  2. Let's start the app m365 DownG
  3. Click on Connect
  4. We wait for the scooter to appear in the list and select it
  5. Once connected, press on Open Bin
  6. Select the downloaded firmware 200CFW_W.bin
  7. Press on Flash Bin
  8. Wait for the operation to end.

Go out and go and humiliate the Scooters at the lights

-22% More power with the Mod Firmware for the Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter

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not ready yet

I installed the CFW_W, it is not worth doing, after 5 kilometers the engine has overheated a lot and did not exceed the 16 km per hour ... with an app for the battery control I found wear and consumption quadrupled. at the beginning it goes great even if it does not exceed the 30 km per hour, only for a few kilometers, but in my opinion useless for those who use it more often. with the official update 1.4.0 reaches the 28 km / h, so the game is not worth the candle for now.

Andrea P
not ready yet
Andrea P

Actually the CFW_W (weak) is the less powerful one between the two (850W) while the CFW brings the power to 1000W.

not ready yet

It's a typo that we thought we had already corrected. Thanks for the tip

Stefano Asnaghi
not ready yet
Stefano Asnaghi

Hello, I followed the guide and I arrived at the end without any problem ... I reinstalled and opened the app xiaomi (I do not know if it was an error or not) and of course checking the app gives me the ability to install the firmware stock (this it makes me think that the moddato has been correctly installed) at this point I ask if the feature of the departure without thrust needs to be enabled in some way, because to me spontaneously does not work. I state that I have the European m365 black, with wheel code on two lines (normal version) and I installed the firmware for the normal version... Read the rest »

not ready yet

I tried and get up to 99% and then in English
He tells me that the load failed. What peaceful.

not ready yet

But what are the differences between the normal and the more powerful versions?
How do I recognize each before buying?
Thank you

not ready yet

But because all this power 800w or 1000w but if it is an 250w already bringing it to 350w or 500w it seems more than enough

not ready yet

Hi, I have the right model, and I have tried 3 or 4
It does not go faster than 26km / h, not even on a small downhill.
I am 84kg and drive long straight flat roads.
I only notice since my first flash, using 'M365_down' will keep listing the baterry voltages after being connected. Sent from the M365. I dont remember this behavior before flashing.
Using the 'm365 Tools' app, my firmware is 0142 and BMS 0115

Can anyone advice? anything else to check / try? Thanks

not ready yet

Hello, where can I find more info on the web?

I've only seen two-line serials so far, could it be that the one-line version was an older release?


not ready yet

I will try modding this weekend. Currently my M365 is no more than 18-18,5 km / h. I think this is due not so much to battery wear (has 250 total km made) but by the weight of the subscriber (93 kg) and (perhaps) some block SW installed by the previous owner ... .I did not find anything about speed deficiency in other forums but I would like to hear if there are others in my same condition ...... ask the correct and best version to install is the 200CFW? then I can downgrade to the previous version in case the problems persist (so 'I try to install official update in the case ....)
thank you

Leandro remersaro garcia
not ready yet
Leandro remersaro garcia

Puede ser la soldadura de la batería suelen romper por culpa de los saltos etc

leandro remersaro garcía
not ready yet
leandro remersaro garcía

You will be able to download it 142 tienes que descargar m365 Patched y descargar el firmware 140Enc instalar y luego ya puedes modify to the ruso firmware

not ready yet

Så jag som sitter på FW 1.4.2 kan inte göra called då?

not ready yet

Si puedes descarga m365 Patched y el firmware 140Enc !!

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