Here is the performance of the Redmi Note 8 Pro battery

Waiting for the official presentation of the Redmi Note 8 e Redmi Note 8 in Pro version to be held in Beijing in just three days, teasers and official data on these two new smartphones continue to come out. In particular the second, enhanced version, compared to the first, and dedicated to gaming, has today seen a screenshot published by Lin Bin, as well as founder of Xiaomi, concerning i battery data. We explain better: by going to settings> battery and performance> consumption and finally clicking on the icon at the top right, you will access the register that gives you useful information on your smartphone's battery consumption. Well, the president did the same with the new Pro model and many of you will have to think again.

Here is the performance of the Redmi Note 8 Pro battery

Before showing you the official data, we remind you that a very large vehicle will be mounted on the two devices 4500 mAh battery, with support to 18W recharge, which in no way affects the overall size and weight. Another important feature of the device that indirectly concerns autonomy is the liquid cooling which will not only keep the processor temperature lower in case of high stress, but will help the battery itself: and we all know how much an "al fresco" battery is important for the life of our device.

Coming back to us, let's see it Weibo shared screenshoot from Lin Bin.

battery performance redmi note 8

Let's analyze the image: trial period of two days; 4G + connection active, as we see in the upper right corner; the first line concerns the mobile network signal

which, as you can see, is always active without any interruption; in this time the president has not used GPS at all and this could, even if in a ridiculously small way, put the battery's performance to the test, but let's continue; the third line shows us the Wi-Fi connection that is active throughout the trial period and also here, without any interruption, also the result of the new technology on board that allows one better connection, especially during game sessions; in the penultimate position we find the wording "Active ”which concerns how actively the smartphone has been used; in a similar way the last part shows us the data of the "Active screen".

After this description we can finally see how much, in two days of NORMAL use, the device has resisted: it has arrived at 49 hours with a remaining battery equal to 40%. Having said that we don't want to say that this is the best device ever made by Redmi, but without doubt the capacity of the battery combined with the new home processor MediaTek, the Helio G90T, allows a very prolonged use without any worry. In short, many of you will have to start thinking again, at least as regards the energy savings brought by this chipset to 12nm... for the rest, we'll see!

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1 year ago

What do you know more, but from the screenshot above you understand that MIUI interface is? Whether the 10 or the 11?

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