Probable Redmi with Snapdragon 855 spotted on Weibo

Social strategy or simply naivety? A question that is running in the head of many Mi Fans, especially the Chinese ones linked to Xiaomi's social accounts via Weibo. In fact, just last night the General Manager of the Redmi brand has published a photo of Xiaomi's CEO , Lei Jun, intent on using a smartphone. Nothing special except in the lower right corner you can see a decidedly appealing smartphone and that does not seem to belong to the current stable of devices produced by both XIaomi and Redmi.

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Probable Redmi with Snapdragon 855 spotted on Weibo


In particular, the mysterious smartphone is proposed with one pretty red frame but what really intrigues us is the fact that the screen does not seem to have any notch, drop, hole or anything else, making it a true full screen in the Mi Mix 3 style, but on this example there does not seem to be any sled mechanism. Of course it could also be a smartphone of rival brands, but honestly I find this explanation unlikely, while the explanation that is becoming increasingly popular among local netizens is that the mysterious device belongs to the new Redmi brand.


So the chatted Redmi equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor it could be real, but looking at the image well and excluding the slider mechanism, where the selfie camera remains. Well Xiaomi could brush up on an old patent and then add a room module to pop up, how could the future One Plus 7 mount in May, or the alternative is to propose a Redmi smartphone with dual display in order to take advantage of the rear photographic compartment.


Of course ours are just assumptions, but what makes us think that there is something boiling in the pot is that the post on Weibo has been modified, reposting the same image but cropped in order to eliminate the mysterious smartphone Redmi from the frame. And what do you think? Is it an April Fool who wanted to give us the company or something beautiful awaits us in the coming days?



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