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Problems with WhatsApp on MIUI ROM? Here's the solution!

If you have purchased a new Xiaomi smartphone, or if you've gone to the MIUI ROM, you may have some issues with WhatsApp, the famous messaging application. Specifically, your smartphone may fail to detect your contact list, preventing you from sending new messages. Let's see how to solve the problem easily!

Access the WhatsApp contacts with the MIUI ROM

The problem arises from the powerful application permissions manager we find in MIUI. This part of the system made in Xiaomi is very useful and appreciated by users, but at the same time generates some minor issues, including the inability to import the contact list on WhatsApp. Here is the simple solution!

  1. The first thing to do is click on the 'Security' application and select 'Permissions'.
    Whatsapp Guide on MIUI
    Whatsapp Guide on MIUI
  2. After you click on Permissions, you will find in a screen that shows two entries in the App / Permissions section above, choosing 'permissions' between the two items and then selecting 'Contacts' '(Contacts).

    Whatsapp Guide on MIUI
    Whatsapp Guide on MIUI

  3. At this point you will have access to a list of all applications that have permission to access your contacts. Next to each application there is a small symbol, green if permissions are granted, red in case the permissions are denied. Going down to the list until you find WhatsApp, you will notice that the symbol is the red one. Then select WhatsApp, and you will be shown a window with three options, in which you have to select 'Accept'.

    Whatsapp Guide on MIUI
    Whatsapp Guide on MIUI

  4. At this point the symbol next to Whatsapp should become green with the 'v' confirmation inside.
  5. Now open WhatsApp and refresh the contact list (via the update command, accessible from the menu on the contact selection screen to start a new conversation). Your contacts should now be all synchronized.

    Whatsapp Guide on MIUI
    Whatsapp Guide on MIUI

The guide is over, and if you've followed the simple steps the problem will be resolved!


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Marcel Gomez
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing, I've always been looking for that problem. I have also seen that many links of whatsapp groups they are providing this news.

qaisar faryad
4 years ago

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