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Proscenic M7 Pro is the unbeatable robot vacuum cleaner with self-emptying at a bargain price

A vacuum cleaner that allows simple, fast and effective cleaning: Proscenic M7 Pro it could be summarized like this, but its technical characteristics are worth analyzing in detail. Also due to the fact that, at this moment, the robot is proposed on Gshopper at a significantly lowered price with the discount code. Here are all the details.

Proscenic M7 Pro: suction power and automatic emptying system are its main features

The feature that distinguishes this device more than others is the suction power, which allows to obtain a complete cleaning of the surfaces. In addition, it can count on a automatic emptying system container where dust and dirt are collected. Also, it has a very limited noise, maximum 68 db when using full power.

Here is its technical sheet, point by point:

  • Diameter: 34,7 cm
  • Height: 9,7 cm
  • Weight: Kg 3.6
  • Dust container capacity: 600 mL
  • Water tank capacity: 110ml
  • Suction power: 2700 Pa maximum
  • Electric absorption: 50 W
  • Filter: high efficiency (HEPA - washable)
  • Noise level: dB 72
  • Battery life: capacity of 5200 mAh, estimated duration 200 minutes
  • Programming: yes, via the Proscenic Home application
  • 100% full charge time: 180-240 minutes
  • Automatic recharge: yes (resumes cleaning from where it left off)
  • Charging time: around 5 hours
  • Environment mapping: yes

At the level of operation, it should be mentioned that this robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with high-tech systems that make it automatic and programmable. Furthermore, the lateral sensors detect obstacles such as walls and objects, preventing collisions. The IR sensor allows the robot to find the battery charging station autonomously.

It also integrates the possibility of being used via the Proscenic Home app, so that it can also be operated remotely. Obviously there must be WiFi active in the house. Proscenic M7 Pro is also compatible with Alexa.

Now Proscenic M7 Pro costs only 198 euros!

And here is the unmissable discount that we offer you today: you can secure Proscenic M7 Pro at a truly unbeatable price!

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