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Proscenic M9: the robot vacuum cleaner now on sale at an unbeatable price!

Household cleaning has never been so simple and convenient. The Proscenic M9 it is in fact a jewel of cleaning technology and is now available on Banggood at an extraordinary price that you can't miss. In particular with the code “BGOODM9” you have a 49% discount and its price drops from €499,00 to just 257,00€. Click here to go to the offer of this product shipped free from Europe, therefore no customs fees.

Proscenic M9: the robot vacuum cleaner now on sale at an unbeatable price!

This robot vacuum cleaner is not just a cleaning device, but a real home assistant. Equipped with a self-emptying base and suction power of 4500pa, the Proscenic M9 guarantees deep and thorough cleaning on all types of floors. Thanks to his 3 suction levels, adapts perfectly to different cleaning needs, from light maintenance to the removal of stubborn dirt. It also has a side brush for corners and edges and automatic lifting adopts its height according to different surfaces, cleaning from room to room, from a wooden floor, from a tile to a carpet, without interruptions and more thoroughly.

Il 250ml water tank , battery 5200mAh offer aautonomy up to 180 minutes, allowing the robot to cover large surfaces without interruptions. There management via App makes the use of the Proscenic M9 extremely intuitive and customizable, with the possibility of programming cleaning cycles and monitoring the status of the device in real time.

But the surprises don't end there. The Proscenic M9 is equipped with an advanced navigation system that allows it to move precisely and intelligently within your home, avoiding obstacles and optimizing cleaning routes. The 5th generation Laser sensor recognizes the room and draws a personalized map of your home on the Proscenic app, to easily set NO-GO zones, virtual walls, schedule cleaning, mark the areas to be cleaned and store up to 5 smart maps.

Furthermore, the function of auto boost automatically increases suction power when the robot moves from hard surfaces to carpets, ensuring flawless results.


Pierpaolo Figuccia
Pierpaolo Figuccia

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