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Qi Xiaobai is the anti-shock bike for children capable of protecting the spine

When we were little, we used to go from a tricycle to a bicycle with wheels before riding by bicycle and then began to fly without them. Oh yes to fly, because even today I remember the flights made from the saddle because I could not keep my balance. For some years, however, there is no longer this tradition, giving their children the so-called Balance Bikes, better known as bikes without pedals.

Qi Xiaobai

The advantages of using these "vehicles" are, for example, that of learning to ride a bicycle in a faster and more natural way, without passing from the stability of the wheels to the insecurity of falling. Furthermore, with the tricycle or the wheels, children learn to change direction by turning the handlebar horizontally, while with the normal bicycle, the curvature occurs thanks to the shift of the weight of the body on the vehicle. There are also other advantages but today I don't want to make a "hustle" on this type of vehicle but rather talk about the new product presented in crowdfundig on Xiaomi Youpin.

Under the Qi Xiaobai brand, a pedalless bike makes its debut, with the particularity of absorbing any impacts thus presenting your child's spine. The Qi Xiaobai balance bike offers 1,75-inch wheels with a total size of 910 x 140 x 520 mm and a weight of 3,67 kg, ideal for children from 2 to 6 years.

As anticipated a few lines above, this bike includes a shock absorption system that can protect the child's spine from any force. As such, the bicycle is suitable not only for use on pavements but also on parks and uneven surfaces.

Qi Xiaobai is the anti-shock bike for children capable of protecting the spine

Structure made of aluminum and magnesium alloy, very resistant against all types of impact. Comfortable the saddle, with a weight of 180 grams, made of PU material, with an ergonomic design in order to favor remarkably long practice sessions.

Complete the possibility of being able to completely remove the wheels for better maintenance and less space, allowing you to store the Qi Xiaobai bike in any corner of the house, as well as ensuring transport in the smallest footprint. Available in two colors, black and silver, the new Xiaomi pedalless bike is sold for 799 yuan, or about 104 euros. And what do you think? What solution did you choose to learn to go without wheels to your child? Have your say in the comments box below.

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Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

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