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The first latest generation Qi2 wireless chargers will arrive on the market soon

Wireless charging is an increasingly widespread and popular technology among users of smartphones and other electronic devices. To offer greater speed, security and compatibility, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) developed the new Qi standard2, announced in early 2023. After months of silence, the WPC has finally released an official press release confirming that the first Qi2 wireless chargers have completed certification testing and will be available to consumers in time for the holiday season.

The first latest generation Qi2 wireless chargers will arrive on the market soon

Qi2 wireless charging chargers

The new Qi2 standard is based on two profiles: the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) and the Extended Power Profile (EPP). The first is inspired by Apple's MagSafe technology, which the Cupertino company helped share with the WPC, and offers charging power of up to 15W and a magnetic attachment. The second is an improved version of the EPP, which dispenses with the magnet but still supports Qi2 devices and offers double charging power, up to 30W.

The main advantage of Qi2 wireless chargers is their ability to magnetically attach to both iOS and Android devices, as well as wireless accessories such as earphone cases and smartwatches. The WPC press release confirmed that the series iPhone 15 it will be among the first devices to benefit from the new standard, with accessory makers such as Belkin, Mophie, Anker and Aircharge already testing their Qi2 products, which will launch soon.

“We are excited to see our members rapidly embrace Qi v2.0 and build accessory ecosystems for Qi2 devices. We fully expect to see Qi v2.0 quickly become the de facto global standard for wireless charging. – Fady Mishriki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the WPC”

Qi2 wireless charging promises to make the charging experience for electronic devices simpler, faster and safer by eliminating the need for cables and adapters. This is an innovative and revolutionary technology, which could change the way we use and interact with our devices. We can't wait to try the first Qi2 wireless chargers and discover their potential.

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