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Qi2: the wireless charging of the future is almost here. How much is missing?

Within 3/4 years the recharge wireless will become the standard, surpassing wired charging. And when it comes to wireless charging, the new Qi2 standard is about to bring a breath of fresh air that will change the way we charge our devices. Scheduled to launch before the end of the year, Qi2 is set to revolutionize the wireless charging experience for millions of users. But what makes this refill so special and how does it differ from its predecessor?

The rapidly growing market: bright prospects for Qi2

The Qi2 is the successor to the already popular Qi standard. The latter has already captured a rapidly expanding market, with forecasts indicating sales of approx a billion devices, between transmitters and receivers, all over the world by 2023. The Qi2 was presented during CES 2023 at a time when the demand for efficient and fast wireless charging solutions is higher than ever. With the growing popularity of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, the need for a more efficient charging system has become a top priority. This means that devices with 120W ultra-fast charging they are destined to no longer exist and one of the reasons is also ecological.

The key improvement: Magnetic Power Profile

One of the most innovative features of the Qi2 is its “Magnetic Power Profile". This technology not only improves the user experience, but also opens the door for new features and future improvements. For example, the Magnetic Power Profile ensures perfect alignment between the device and the charger. This means that energy is transferred more efficiently, reducing the time required for a full charge. Also, the presence of magnets may make it easier to use accessories that attach to the device, such as external batteries or car holders. Plus, more efficient charging automatically translates into one faster charging speed since there is no waste in terms of energy.

qi wireless charging2

Safety and innovation: the pillars of Qi2 wireless charging

Qi2 isn't just fast; and also sure. The technology behind the new standard has been designed to ensure that the charging process is safe and does not shorten battery life or damage the device. This is especially important in an age where data security and the longevity of devices are the focus of attention. In addition, Qi2 wireless charging is designed to support new product formats, such as AR/VR headset, and new types of accessories that attach magnetically to the back of your phone, such as power banks or car mounts.

When will Android smartphones with Qi2 wireless charging arrive?

According to forecasts, the first Qi2 certified smartphones and chargers will be available for 2023 holiday season. This means we won't have to wait long to see these innovations in action. With the launch of the Asus Zenfone 10, we spoke briefly of Qi2 , but we were only referring to the fact that smartphones with existing Qi will be able to work with this new standard.

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